What do experts agree is the best nutrition for a newborn baby

What do experts agree is the best nutrition for a newborn baby

There are many different factors to consider when feeding a newborn baby. Whether breast milk or infant formula is used, a balanced diet will promote healthy development. Some specific foods and beverages should be avoided. While we are accustomed to enjoying desserts as a treat, fruit desserts are not recommended during the first year of life. Not only do they contain a high concentration of sugar, but they can also cause tooth decay and obesity.

Fruit juices, however, are safe to give to your newborn baby when diluted with water. But remember that sweet drinks, like soda and sugary drinks, should never be given to your baby.

Lactose-free formulas

Lactose-free formulas are a good option for newborn babies. The sugar lactose is unhealthy for newborns and can cause diarrhea and other problems. Some formulas are even hypoallergenic. Lactose-free formulas are available in stores and pharmacies, and your GP can recommend a suitable one. Some plant-based formulas are also safer. Choose ones without GMOs, and make sure the ingredients are organic. This way, you’ll minimize your baby’s exposure to pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals. You can also choose formulas with BPA-free silicone nipples.

Newborn babies with lactose intolerance should consult their pediatrician for an appropriate diet. A baby with lactose intolerance usually shows symptoms within 30 minutes or two hours of eating lactose. If your baby has a stomachache, try to soothe it by bouncing or holding it. If you notice your baby becoming fussy, consider taking them to a doctor to determine the cause. They may be suffering from colic, gas, or food intolerance.


Fruit is one of the best foods for a newborn baby. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. It can be eaten whole or in pure form. Mangoes are especially good for babies and can be given at six months. Apple puree is also a healthy option for babies. Both mangoes and apples are excellent sources of fiber, and vitamin C. Avocados are another healthy food for a newborn baby.

They are rich in fiber, which is essential for growth and development. Mandarins are also rich in potassium, which helps maintain a healthy nervous system. You can add avocados to your baby’s food to make a nutritious smoothie.

Whole grains

Whole grains provide various health benefits, but the question is whether they are more beneficial for children and babies. For example, about one-third of children aged two to 17 do not consume whole grains in the UK. Moreover, their intakes of whole grains are lower than the recommended daily allowance.

Whole grains are a great source of fiber and energy for a newborn baby. They are also high in vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to start feeding your newborn with iron-fortified infant cereal and other grains around six months of age. After this, you can introduce other grain products like bread, crackers, and whole-grain cold cereal.

Calcium-rich foods

There are many different calcium-rich foods that you can feed your newborn baby. Lentils, especially masoor and moong, are excellent sources of calcium. You can prepare these foods in various ways, from curries to nuggets and wraps. As a bonus, they are easy to digest. Another great source of calcium is sesame seeds. You can add them to many dishes and your milkshakes and juices. Calcium is essential for bone and nerve development.

It also supports a healthy heart and circulatory system. In addition, it helps reduce the risk of preeclampsia, a condition that leads to premature birth. Even adults need calcium to maintain healthy bones and muscle function. If you are calcium deficient, you may experience muscle aches, cramps, and other health issues.

Protein-rich foods

Choosing protein-rich foods for a newborn baby can make a big difference in your child’s growth and development. A baby needs about 9 grams of protein daily for six months. Breast milk and formula are excellent protein sources, but they contain other nutrients that babies need to grow. White meat is another good choice for a child’s diet since it contains much protein and is easy to prepare.

For instance, you can make meatballs or bite-sized snacks out of it. Beans are also a great choice, as they are versatile and contain plenty of protein and fiber. Fresh beans are better for babies because they don’t contain as much sodium.

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